For Christmas, the students decorated the door with pointillism hibernating animals and used their vocabulary to describe where the animal rested for winter.

ANIMAL ZOO LESSON covers all 10 attributes of the IB learner profile

  • We learned about animals and their habitats - KNOWLEDGABLE
  • We questioned why certain animals hibernate while pets don't - THINKERS / ENQUIRERS
  • We presented ideas and opinions on human encroachment of animal habitat - OPEN MINDED /CARING / BALANCED
  • We created a class zoo to teach visiting teachers and students about our animal and their habitat - ​COMMUNICATORS / KNOWLEDGABLE
  • Some of us lacked art skills and were even afraid to articulate ideas in English, yet we chose to make this presentation and teach other grades. - ​RISK TAKERS

​​This lesson and its components lasted six weeks. It included:

  • ​Math lessons with animals.
  • Science lessons topics which were derived from animal habitat lesson.
  • New words vocabulary to strengthen their knowledge and progress their reading level.
  • Writing workshops where students became experts on an animal of their choice and published a nonfiction article that had nonfiction text features, reinforcing their knowledge of animals descriptions, habitats, adaptations, migrations and more.
  • Reading workshop where students immersed themselves in animal literature at their just right level.