​Hi! I'm Megan or Mrs. Bzz as my 2nd graders call me. ​

​I'm an internationally experienced and credentialed educator who loves to teach. I enjoy learning and implementing new curriculums and pedagogical methods. My classroom instruction is almost always differentiated and my standards comply with the IB learner profile. I have very high expectations from my students and their parents as they have of me. 

Outside of classroom, when I am not shuttling between my school in China and our home in Indianapolis and my in-laws in India​; you may find us scuba diving in Malaysia or Philippines; maybe even exploring ancient temples in Cambodia.

​Since 2011, in Kunshan, China I have been honored to be the only North American to be invited to be a part of local governments' international business promotion initiative. Under their patronage, I have traveled to many places in China, visited factories, institutions, chambers of commerce, city governments and made presentations and formed long lasting friendships.


​I love beaches and I collect and curate handspun, handwoven, naturally dyed textiles. My collection as of March 2016 is at 330 pieces with average dimension of  2'6" x 6'.

​Check out my links and please send me a message even if its just to say hi...

​- Megan

I have been an international educator for the past five years.  I am a well-accomplished teacher licensed and registered in USA (Indiana), UK (QTS), Canada (OCT) and IB PYP. My certifications and experiences include Mild Interventions, Reading, and Technology, USA, IB PYP and Ontario curriculum.

My strongest skills include Educational Leadership, Curriculum Design, UbD, Inquiry Based Learning, IB PYP, IB Coordination, Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum, US Common Core, Differentiated Instruction, Mild Interventions, Literacy, and STEM. 

Megan Banerjee International Educator​

​Current Posting: Shanghai, CHINA

​Primary Home: Indianapolis, USA
Secondary Home: New Delhi, INDIA

About Me

The greatest sign of success for a teacher... is to be able to say,            "The children are now working as if I did not exist."

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