Leadership Philosophy

My name is Megan Banerjee and I’m an international educational leader.  I have been living and working abroad for almost 10 years.  I have taught in both Shanghai and Beijing, as well as the US.  During this time, I have worked in public and independent school settings with American, Taiwanese, Canadian and British school management systems. 

I am committed to being highly qualified and encourage my colleagues to be as well.  I am certified to teach in the US, the United Kingdom, Canada and the International Baccalaureate Organziation.  I have earned additional licensure in Reading, Technology, and Special Education (Mild Interventions).  I have been awarded an M.S. Ed in Educational Leadership from Indiana University and have successfully passed the state-board examination and have satisfactorily met academic and professional requirements to be awarded Building-Level Administrator, K-12 principalship in the State of Indiana.  My administrators license is valid in almost all 50 states of the USA and internationally.

I have worked as a Primary & Secondary Teacher, Year Level Leader, and Director of Admissions.  Over my career, I have had the pleasure of leading a marketing team to recruit and retain students to a newly established school.  I managed our budget and implemented school- and community-based events.  I am highly active in the community and have established relationships with local organizations including Duke University Kunshan to help enhance our school’s reputation and student learning experience. 

As Year Level Leader, I have led a diverse team of 8 educators from all over the world towards academic excellence.  I have also collaborated with school management in shifting the school’s curriculum towards a UbD framework and learning community-style of teaching.   

I understand that being a leader is not about past experiences or verbal promises - it’s about what actions I take to directly benefit our staff, students, families and the greater community.  I wish to model the way, hold high expectations of myself and staff, and build upon our strengths through distributed leadership.

I believe to be an outstanding international principal, one must understand how to effectively recruit and retain talented teachers, be committed to being an instructional leader, hold high standards for themselves and for others, build a positive school community and culture, and communicate clearly and regularly. 

With my background and varied experiences, I wish to create a safe and positive school environment that will enable both students and teachers to learn while never sacrificing student achievement.  If you would like a copy of my Leadership Philosophy, please contact me at megan@meganbanerjee.com.

Last updated February 2018